Duckietown NCTU

What's Duckietown?

1. The first international branch of MIT duckietown

2. An outreach effort

3. A class taught at NCTU

4. A research project

5. An "open source" and "reproducible" class


Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

For Spring 2016,NCTU has a new class Creative Software Project for undergraduate stuedents. This is a hands-on project rocusing on self-driving vehicles.

• This is a collaborative effort: MIT(, under the supervision of Prof. Hsueh-Cheng 'Nick' Wang.

• This is also a class for makers and thinkers.

• The problem: "Design the Autonomous Robo-Taxis System for the City of Duckietown".


This is an open source class

• All materials (hardware design, software, and teaching materials) will be released as "open source".

• Contacts:

• Our Duckiebot cost about US$100

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